Web Services & APIs

Web services and APIs power the businesses of today and tomorrow, reimplementing and maintaining critical business logic in multiple places, using different technologies every time makes it hard to maintain and even harder to update.

If APIs are made efficient and scalable they can easily power a multitude of platforms, all while keeping the critical business logic in one place, making it easy to change, upgrade and improve without a painful transition period. If you want to know more, please contact us.

Configuration Management

Save operational time and money by automating your infrastructure to such an extent, that you spend minutes expanding your cloud capacity instead of days, so you can meet the need when it's there and save the cost when it's not.

In a world where software is released often and hosting environments can mean anything from on-site servers to self-hosted or even cloud servers, it is important to ensure consistency across all the different hosting platforms, so software is hosted on consistently configured servers.

Configuration management is also an excellent tool to ensure consistency across all your servers as well as ensuring that you can replace critical servers in your infrastructure in minutes instead of days. Contact us to learn how we can help improve your infrastructure.


The websites of today are no longer simple static or just-barely dynamic pages; they are fully fledged applications that just happen to run in a browser. To fulfill the needs of your users, great care must be put into the crafting of websites, so they work equally across browsers and devices.

Your users are just as likely, if not more likely, to use your website on a mobile or tablet device as they are to use it on a computer. So it is essential that your website adapts to the abilities and limitations of the device of the end user.

We can craft websites which do just that, if you are in need of a responsive website, then contact us.


BitMasch provides IT consultancy services to clients all over the world. We are located in Copenhagen, Denmark.

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