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Below is a selection of some of the solutions we have built for our customers.


Klubliv Mobil A/S

Klubliv Mobil is a mobile virtual network operator, that brings a new kind of mobile subscription to Denmark by enabling mobile users to support local organizations when using their phones and tablets to make calls, send messages or use the internet. The end-users select which organization they want to support, i.e. a local sports or boy scout club, and Klubliv Mobil ensures that a percentage of the mobile subscription cost is donated to the chosen organization.

Klubliv Mobil needed a web-based mobile virtual network operator system, based on the MVNO offering from one of the world's largest mobile telecommunications companies, Telenor. We cooperated with several other vendors, located across multiple time-zones, to build the system, which includes the following features:

  • Self-serve user signup and administration.
  • Integration with Telenor’s MVNO API.
  • Thorough testing of internal and external components by utilizing a development process that includes rigorous automated testing on every change to the system.
  • Cloud hosting ensures a scalable hosting platform that is capable of keeping the end-user experience optimal, even in times of high traffic, while minimizing hosting costs.

Xstream A/S

We’ve developed a video asset search engine for the company Xstream and their market-leading Xstream MediaMaker™ OTT video streaming platform. The search engine makes it easy for end users to find the content they are looking for and includes the following features:

  • Search results based on multiple matching strategies, to maximize the probability that the results satisfy the end user. The strategies include scoring results after: exact match, beginning match, partial match and popularity.
  • Provides spelling suggestions for misspelled search terms.
  • Supports multiple languages for titles and other metadata of assets. Also takes the user's language into account when providing results.

The search engine was built on the open source search platform Apache Solr and adapted to the technical requirements for Xstream’s existing applications, infrastructure and hosting platform.

A Hotel Group With Hotels in Over 110 Countries

(Name witheld due to customer policy, reference available upon request)

We’ve developed a web based accounting system for the head accounting department of one of the worlds biggest hotel groups, with hotels in over one hundred and ten countries across the globe. The system supports multiple legal entities, utilizes data from an array of data sources already in use within the company and includes the following features:

  • Fully web based and responsive with support for a multitude of browsers and devices, making it possible to access the system whether on a computer, tablet or phone.
  • Scheduled and highly customizable email report generation, supports HTML, Excel and CSV based reports. This saves the accounting department valuable time as these reports were previously manually generated and sent out one by one.
  • Bank synchronization imports transaction data from the company's bank accounts and makes it simple to reconcile the bank statement with the entries in the accounting system.
  • Automated VAT report generation, which creates monthly VAT statements in CSV format, for automatic import by the tax authorities VAT systems.
  • Easy web-based report generation and browsing, with possibility to export the reports in Excel and CSV format.
  • Sales and purchase invoice search and browsing along with the possibility to send invoice and payment reminders to customers and suppliers.
  • User based permissions makes it simple to ensure that users only have access to the data they need.
  • JSON based API makes it simple to utilize the data provided by the system in other tools.
  • User login based on the existing Microsoft Active Directory system in use within the company.

The accounting system has been under continuous development since the first feature was released in the accounting department. Taking user feedback and changing requirements into account to achieve maximum user satisfaction and productivity.


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